About Chattogram Pratidin

The Daily Chattogram Pratidin (in Bangla: চট্টগ্রাম প্রতিদিন) is a prominent Bangladeshi newspaper that serves the Chattogram division, which is one of the major regions in Bangladesh. The newspaper provides comprehensive coverage of local, national, and international news, catering to the diverse interests of its readership.

Hossain Thoufique Ifthekher, an experienced print and online media journalist, has held the position of editor at Daily Chattogram Pratidin since its establishment. In his career, he has led the team under his management besides covering many sensitive issues such as corruption, political corruption, irregularities, money laundering, abuse of power and human rights violations.

From the very beginning, under the leadership of Hossain Thoufique Ifthekher, The Daily Chattogram Pratidin has given utmost importance to independent journalism and has been fearlessly publishing factual reports against corruption, irregularities and social discrimination. For this reason, as an editor, he and his newspaper have been constantly under fire from influential circles for the past few years. While doing independent journalism, he is being harassed and harassed in various ways.

Chattogram Pratidin is known for its commitment to journalistic integrity and its role in informing the public about important events, developments, and issues affecting the region and beyond. It covers a wide range of topics including politics, business, sports, culture, entertainment, and more, aiming to keep its readers well-informed and engaged.

The Daily Chattogram Pratidin has received several important awards for investigative journalism. These include the ‘TIB Investigative Journalism Award’ launched by Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) in 2021 and the ‘Migration Media Award 2019’ launched by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and BRAC in 2019.

With a focus on local news, Daily Chattogram Pratidin plays a crucial role in reflecting the perspectives and concerns of the people living in Chattogram and surrounding areas. It serves as a platform for voices from the community, highlighting both the challenges and successes experienced by the region’s residents.

In addition to its print edition, Chattogram Pratidin also maintains a strong online presence, providing digital editions of its newspaper and frequently updating its website with the latest news stories and features. This enables readers to access news anytime and anywhere, further expanding the newspaper’s reach and influence.

Overall, Daily Chattogram Pratidin remains an essential source of information for the people of Chattogram, contributing to the region’s media landscape and promoting transparency, accountability, and informed public discourse.

In the last three years, the online portal of Chattogram Pratidin has been blocked three times on the instructions of the Ministry of Information. The online portal of Chattogram Pratidin was blocked for the first time on July 7, 2020, for publishing news of corruption and irregularities of influential people close to the government. Although the block was opened after about a month, the news portal was re-blocked for the second time on February 10, 2021, on the orders of the Information Minister. After being blocked in this way for one and a half months, a written bond was taken from the Chattogram Pratidin Authority after formally applying to the Secretary of the Ministry of Information. But since October 20 of that year, the online portal of Chattogram Pratidin was again ‘blocked’ unannounced for about 15 days.

In the past three years, eight cases have been filed against journalist Hossain Thoufique Ifthekher in various courts on the indication of the influential quarters of the government being angry with the published news. These include defamation and huge compensation cases. Out of these eight cases, three cases have already been dismissed by the court. The remaining five defamation and compensation cases have been pending for years.